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Region 5 Performance Futurity Program

  • Arabian Western Pleasure Futurity

    Half-Arabian/AA Western Pleasure Futurity

  • Arabian Hunter Pleasure Futurity

    Half-Arabian/AA Hunter Pleasure Futurity

  • Arabian Country/English Pleasure Futurity

    Half-Arabian/AA Country/English Pleasure Futurity

2024 Region 5 Championship Show - Class Schedule with Futurity Classes Highlighted! - Click here to view/download


FUTURITY RULES - Click here to view/download

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FUTURITY SPONSOR FORM - Click here to view/download

 These classes will be held individually at the Region 5 Championship Show. Rules will be reviewed annually by the futurity committee. All rules not covered by this document will be governed by the current rules of the USEF. Entries will show and be judged under applicable class specifications for junior horses as set forth in the Arabian division of the USEF rule book. ELIGIBILITY: All entries must be registered with the AHA or CAHR. There is no requirement for owner’s state of residence. Hunter, Western and Country/English pleasure horses to be 3 or 4 years of age. 

NOMINATIONS AND FEES: Nominations must be received on or before the dates listed. Nominations may be transferred upon sale of a nominated horse. The futurity secretary must receive notice of sale within 30 days from date of sale. Total futurity payments, if made by due dates are $300 per futurity class. Horses may enter more than one class. There will be no vet-outs, refunds or substitutions. *To avoid late payment fees, all payments must be postmarked by payment date schedule.

THE FEE SCHEDULE WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO - The nomination fee will be $300 per class; this fee will be due by July 1 for the 2024 show. There are no post entry fees for 2024. Your show entry to Region 5 must be postmarked on or before July 1. The nomination fee does not include show entry fees, post entry fees, drug fees, stall fees, etc. Nomination into the Performance Futurity Program does not constitute entry into the Regional Show. A separate Regional Show Entry form must be submitted with the appropriate entry fees prior to the close of entries for the horse to be shown in the specified Performance Futurity Classes. PRIZE MONEY AND AWARDS Regional Awards will be given to an unrated full top five, followed by champion & reserve. All money received from nominations will be allocated for prize money. Payments credited toward specific class entered. Prize money divided as follows:

5 or more entries: champion 45%, reserve 22%, remaining top 5 will receive 11% each.
4 entries: champion 50%, reserve 25%, remaining entries 12.5%.

3 entries: champion 55%, reserve 30%, remaining entry 15%.
2 entries: champion 60%, reserve 40%.
1 entry: Champion 100%

DECLARATION of CLASSES: It is recommended but not necessary to declare a class with payment. You may not change classes after entries are processed by the show.

County/English Pleasure Bridle shall be a single snaffle, full cheek, or half cheek snaffle. Cannot be shown in a double bridle. Single snaffle (defined as a smooth, rounded snaffle bit that is at least 3/8” in diameter as measured 1/2” from the ring. The snaffle bit may be wrapped with Guardtex, Latex, Sealtex or similar materials). No tie-downs. Martingales are optional. **Horses that have shown in a double bridle are eligible to compete, but must show in a single snaffle.

Hunter Pleasure 3 & 4-year-old classes require a snaffle bit. (Snaffle bit is defined as snaffle bit of at least 3/8” diameter as measured 1/2” from the ring. The snaffle bit may be jointed, double jointed or unjointed. For all junior horse performance classes, all snaffle bits must have a round, egg butt or “D” shaped ring with no attachments to the headstall or reins through a hook (except for keepers for a full cheek snaffle when section rules allow a full cheek). Full cheek (with or without keepers), French and Dr. Bristol snaffle bits are permitted). The following are not permitted: ornamented bridles, browbands or cavessons, saddle seat saddle seat style colored browbands/cavessons, figure eight, drop, or flash nosebands. Breastplate or breast collar is optional. No martingales or tie-downs. ATR Classes require a light show type, browband and cavessons must be of hunter type. Snaffle, Pelham, full bridle or kimberwick bit acceptable.

Western Pleasure classes require a snaffle bit or hackamore. A standard snaffle bit is defined as a center jointed single, rounded, unwrapped, smooth mouthpiece of 5/16” to 3⁄4” diameter metal as measured from ring to 1” in from the ring with a gradual decrease to the center of the snaffle. The rings may be from 2” to 4” outside diameter of either loose type, eggbutt, dee, or center mounted without cheeks. If a curb strap is used it must be attached below the reins. A hackamore includes a bosal rounded in shape and constructed of braided rawhide or leather and must have a flexible non-metallic core, attached to a suitable headstall. No other material of any kind is to be used in conjunction with the bosal, i.e., steel, metal or chains (Exception: smooth, plastic electrical tape is acceptable if applied in a smooth, untwisted manner). Attached reins may be of hair, rope, or leather. Both hands must be visible to the judge. Two hands may be used on hackamore (Bosal) and Western snaffle reins. Junior Western Pleasure horses shown in either a hackamore or snaffle must never have competed in Arabian or Western pleasure in a bridle.

For further questions, concerns or information please reach out to Dennis Wigren 360-202-5934


About Region 5

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The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana. Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation. The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.


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