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Region 5 - Horses For Humanity Project

On Friday, July 16, 2022,  Region 5 Arabian Horse Association board represented by Carrie Olson (Director), Richard Galarza (Vice-Director), Julie Karnath (Secretary), Michelle Pease-Paulsen (Past Director), Pat Hough (Director at Large), Denise Cummings (Club Advisor) and Joan Shelton-Palelek (Club Advisor) unveiled their Arabian Horse for Humanity at the Region 5 Championship Show in Monroe, WA. The Region 5 Arabian Horse for Humanity project started at convention in 2019 and has partnered with the charity of choice, Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center of Redmond, WA. 
Region 5 - Arabian Horse for Humanity: Benevolence R5
Nearly three years later, Region 5 uncovered the horse and revealed Benevolence R5, affectionately called Benny, to the public for the first time. Benny was expertly painted by Washington based artist, Becky Miller. A longtime Arabian horse owner, Becky sought inspiration from the Arabians who have touched her life, painting Benny in the image of the gray Arabian gelding that she grew up loving and inspired her passion for the breed. Benny is also adorned in a custom presentation set and blanket skillfully made by Gina Dupree of Arabian Fancy. The blanket includes a patch honoring our inaugural sponsor, Phyllis Dunmire in honor of Mike Dunmire a long time support and volunteer at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. 
Region 5 was joined in the presentation by sponsor Phyllis Dunmire who shared stories about her late husband’s passionate work with Little Bit and talked about the importance of volunteers in the program. Phyllis introduced former volunteer Carli Belouskas to talk about her first hand experience working with the program. 
We were also joined by Little Bit participant Willow, her mom Tanja and her grandma Chris. The family shared their experience in how equine therapy has helped Willow and how thankful they were to find Little Bit. After the unveiling, Region 5 presented the initial donation of $1,000 to Little Bit Development Director, Sharon Soldenwagner. 
Benny will start his journey sharing both the Arabian Horse and Little Bit’s mission with the public through appearances at Region 5 Shows and Events and be on display at Little Bit.
At the end of his tour, he will be auctioned off at the Little Bit Reins of Life Gala Auction. To learn more about Little Bit click here to visit their website

Thank you to all who made this project a success! 




Charity Partner 

The Region 5 Arabian Horse Association is proud to partner with Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center for the Arabian Horses For Humanity project. 
Look for our horse at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center later in 2022.

Presentation Set 

Thank You to Gina Dupree of Arabian Fancy Tack for donating the prestation set we will use on our horse. 

Gina’s stunning halters, presentation sets, and tack is well known in the industry, having adorned some of the most iconic Arabian horses of the last twenty years. Marwan Al Shaqab wore Arabian Fancy, all black with Swarovski crystals for Aachen, and WH Justice stunning off-white and gold for the Arabian Breeders World Cup. Barzan Al Shania sported a beautiful gold halter for U.S. Nationals, and renowned stallion Botswana was decadently outfitted in coins and dripping jewels by Arabian Fancy. Gina even had the privilege of creating a turquoise and silver presentation set for Wayne Newton.  

A one-woman operation, Gina is devoted to bringing her clients vision into reality through her beautiful design and execution. After wanting to make something for her first Arabian horse, a grey Kaborr daughter, to wear and later selling the set on eBay, Gina was hooked. She discovered her love for creating tack that accentuates the beauty of the horse and delights the owner. Arabian Fancy Tack was born.
Arabian Fancy logo

Artist Information - Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller is from Elk Washington. She is a Wife, Mom, Grandma, Musician, Pastor, Artist, Cook, Gardener and owner of Regal Arabians along with her beloved husband, Rand and son Adam Miller. She has 8 children. She has been a missionary in Romania during the orphan crisis. She owns stallions, Dana Valenti (Scottsdale and Region 5 Halter Stallion) and shares in Rasheem Bay BR, a gorgeous son of El Rasheem. She currently owns daughters of Padron Psyche , Magnum Psyche, Baha AA, Rasheem Bay BR, JA AL Jazzab, Dana Valenti, Conquest BR. Rebecca displays and sells her art at horse shows. 

My earliest memories are of my love for horses. My whole life has revolved around this love, from farm, family and art. My first horse, Salty, was bought for me by my parents at age 12. He was a gray Arabian gelding, 22 years old with a lot of spunk. He will always be my heart horse, the horse who made me. My vision for the Arabian Horses fo Humanity project became reality after talking to the creator of the beautiful statue, Karen Kasper who told me her goal was to sculpt the Arabian gelding. She said, “Everyone’s first Arabian is usually a gelding, and we need to celebrate them. This is my tribute.” With that, my vision became clear. Salty would be again after these 45 years my heart and my guide as I began to paint this most amazing sculpture. I painted his eyes, his hairs, his pink marking on the nose. This has been my joy to remember him through this painting. May he be a blessing to children and everyone. 
Rebecca Miller

About Region 5

2021 region5 logo

The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana. Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation. The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.

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