About Region 5

The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation.

The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.


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2021 Region 5
Off-Site Sport Horse Championship

June 30 - July 3, 2021
Evergreen Equestrian Park
Monroe, WA

Entries Close: May 30, 2021 



Show Updates:

June 28, 2021

Stable Chart have been added. See below


June 25, 2021 

 Due to a family emergency, dressage judge Janet Curtis has been replaced by Ulf Wadeborn “S”. As previously announced, Lillian Evaniew-Phelan, will be judging all Western Dressage beginning Friday at 3 PM in the Outdoor Sand Arena. 

Tentative In-Hand times will be assigned and posted outside the show office on Wednesday morning. Classes, except the Supreme In Hand (see below), will be run in Prize List order. Please check in promptly when your class is called; your time could be a few minutes earlier. Only the paddock master has the authority to allow horses to show out of assigned order. 

We have a great turnout of horses and need to start our morning session on Friday at 7:00 AM. Please consider this notice of the earlier start time on Friday. 

On Friday, Class 564 Supreme Champion Sport Horse In Hand will be held indoors after a ten minute break following the last in hand class. This is a change from the original schedule. All Region 5 In Hand Champions (except Futurity) are invited to show in this class. There is no entry fee. 

We are looking forward to a busy and competitive show with good weather!

A reminder our move-in time is 8:00 AM Wednesday, June 30 and move-out is by 7 PM Saturday, July 3. 


June 11, 2021 

We are very pleased with the number of entries we have received for the show! In fact, we found ourselves in the position of turning away over 4 . hours of dressage rides. We looked carefully at the rides and realized the least impactful way to accommodate everyone who wanted to ride was to move the Western Dressage classes to Friday and hire another judge. The Western Dressage classes will begin at 3 PM on Friday, July 2nd and will be judged by Lillian Evaniew-Phelan “R” of Riverside, WA. 

In addition to more dressage entries, we have a larger than past years turn-out for Carriage Pleasure Driving and Working Hunters. In-Hand classes are full and we will need everyone’s help to move them along. All-in-all, we will have a very busy and competitive show. 

In-hand times and dressage ride times will be available approximately a week before the show on our website, www.regionv.com. Entry acknowledgements will be emailed in the next week. 

Thank you. We are looking forward to a great show. 

Richard Galarza, 

Show Manager 


Show Results:


Filename Size
An Adobe Acrobat file Results 2021 Region 5 Sport Horse 250.34 KB


Renee Johnson-"R" Dressage/Western Dressage

Leslie Zock - "R" Hunter/ Jumper Seat Equitation

Joan Shelton-Palelek -"R" Carriage Pleasure Driving
Janet Curtis - "S" Dressage

Steward: Cheryl Tobey - "R" C2 Steward/Dressage TD

Show Staff:

Show Manager
Richard Galarza 253.202.1117

Assistant show manager
Carrie Olson

Show Secretary
Pat Hough

Barn Manager

Steve Harding

Robin Vargas

- USEF Safe Sport Training Requirements
- Click Here to Read

USEF Vaccination Requirement Rule - Click Here to Read



Ride Times:

Saturday Dressage Schedule: Click here to view/download

Saturday Ride Time by Rider: Click here to view/download

Western Dressage Schedule: Click here to view/download

Western Dressage Ride Time by Rider: Click here to view/download


Stable Charts:

 Barn 102: Click here to view/download

 Barn 103: Click here to view/download

 Barn 105: Click here to view/download

 Barn 106: Click here to view/download



Show Forms:

Premium List - updated 5/14/21 (RV fee calculation repaired)

Entry Form and Release - updated 5/14/21 (RV fee calculation repaired)

Garland Sponsorships - updated 4/12/21

Covid Release:

To be signed and returned by every person on the show grounds: trainer, owner, riders, Mom's, Dad's, any person on the trainers staff.

Covid Release - Click here to view/download

USEF Waiver:

To be signed and returned by everyone on the show grounds who did not sign the releases with a horse entry form: grooms, braiders, parents.

USEF Waiver - Click here to view/download



Region 5 - All Shows - Corporate Sponsorships - Click here to view/download