About Region 5

The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation.

The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.


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2019 Region 5 Trail Ride and Camping Weekend

Friday, August 27 to Sunday August 29, 2021
Weekend Horse Camping at Washington State Horse Park
Cle Elum, Washington

Spend a weekend camping and trail riding with your horse at the Washington State Horse Park located in Cle Elum, Washington.
This is a fun, scenic, opportunity to enjoy your horse and beautiful Eastern Washington in the early Fall.
Trail access offers choice of difficulty to all riders.

Contact for event is Tague Johnson – 425-239-2300 or  tague@whidbey.net


2020 Region 5 Youth Bowling

Hosted by Daffodil Arabian Horse Club

May 17th ~ 11am to 1 pm

Daffodil Bowl
1624 E Main Street
Puyallup, WA

Please RSVP by May 1st to: Michelle Pease-Paulsen at mpeasepaulsen@gmail.com.
Special thanks to Daffodil Arabian Horse Association for hosting and Full Circle for sponsoring! See you all there!
2020 daffodil arabian Bowling Poster

Endurance 101

enduranceMarch 1-3, 2019 ~ Friday-Sunday

Host: Rusty Bar Ranch

Speakers: Celena Pentrack, Dr. Mike Witt, DVM, Ann Szolas, and Alex Lewis.

Curious about what edurance riding is all about or nervous about taking that first step? Have you been to an event but still want to learn more?

Join us for a weekend of information and hands on exercises with mock event to put it all together.

Click here to view flyer


Endurance Riding: Video

Find out what endurance riding is all about and why those who enjoy this equestrian sport jokingly wonder if it's a hobby or addiction.

Click here to view video on the OPB web site.

2018endurance riding video thmb


2018 Region 5 Youth Judging Team

Region 5 Youth Judging Team is being co-chaired by Joyce Thompson and Allison Wallace. 

All Youth from Region 5 are encouraged to participate as this is an awesome educational experience from professionals in our region. 

Educational clinics are available!
February 10th for the Working western clinic at 1 pm
March 17th for the Halter clinic at 1 pm

We will be going over how classes are scored, placed and oral reasons, like a practice run of a competition.

Team will be selected at the Cascade Youth Show, more details as the date gets closer.

Must be an AHA Youth Member
Participation in the Region 5 Youth, including meetings, fundraising, educational opportunities and volunteer time.
Tryout at the Cascade Youth Show.
Team Meetings once team is selected for further practice.
Travel to U.S. Nationals to participate with the selected team members based on tryouts and participation in the Region 5 Youth Program.

If you have any questions please contact the Region 5 Youth Facebook page or contact Allison Wallace at 206-465-0428

2018 - Midcrest Farm Arabians: In Hand Conformation Clinic

Saturday March 17, 2018 from 1:00 - 3:00pm

Midcrest Farm ArabiansPresented by Mid Crest Farms and Preston Keeter
20722 SE 400th ST.  Enumclaw 
All Region 5 youth and members are welcome to attend this free clinic.  We will be presenting multiple 
Horses of all ages. Conducting discussion on what to look for in good conformation of the Arabian horse.
We will have the opportunity to do comparative observations among several horses to help improve your eye on what to look for when evaluating a horse.
Any Region 5 youth interested in joining the judging team are definitely encouraged to  attend!
Don't miss this opportunity to become a better horseman and learn more about evaluating conformation.
Questions: Joyce Thomas. Njoyarabians@gmail.com

N Joy Arabians
2018 - N Joy Arabians: Working Western Clinic

Saturday February 10th

From 1:00 - 3:00pm 

Located at N Joy Arabians 10401 Evergreen Valley RD SE Olympia

Free and open to everyone so please share and spread the word.

Demonstrations of reining, trail and ranch riding. We will be covering how to ride each class, pattern reviews and demonstration of the right and wrong way to do it.

The scoring of each class and maneuvers will be explained. This clinic will be a great benefit if you currently ride these classes or are curious how to ride them. We will be covering what a judge looks for and how these classes are judged.  

Region 5 youth are encouraged to attend if interested in pursuing the regional judging team. Very open discussions and commentary on how these classes are judged and ridden.

Again it's free and everyone welcome!

Questions: Joyce Thomas. Njoyarabians@gmail.com




Congratulations to Kaylee Markonich!

Recipient of the $2000 National Horseman Magazine Youth Scholarship - Winning Essay

Kaylee MarkonichThe Arabian horse is important to me because it embodies every quality I strive to obtain. Don’t get me wrong, horses in general are a true gift to mankind but the Arabian breed holds a special place in my heart. Not only do these animals display effortless beauty but also the intelligence to attract any equestrian who’s daring enough to take on the challenge of working with a 1,500-pound teammate. The versatility of the Arabian horse is unmatched by any other breed. From racing and endurance riding to show jumping and pleasure classes, Arabians excel in every discipline with ease. They are the true definition of a “partner in crime”. I have endured troubling times throughout my 19 years of life and questioned my purpose in the world. Life isn’t always easy but I know I’ll never have to tolerate the struggle alone. Arabians are intuitive to their riders. No nerve or emotion goes unnoticed. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching that Liberty class in Scottsdale as the horses feed off the crowd’s energy. It’s like they know when the judge’s eyes are on them and I promise you one thing, they will not disappoint.

The Arabian horse has introduced me to a world that I now know I couldn’t live without. I’ve met some of my best friends because of the Arabian horse industry and I will forever be grateful for it. Not only that, but I’ve found a career that I wish to pursue. Because of the Arabian horse, I want to train and manage a show barn all while creating my own elite breeding program. I have experienced true happiness because of the Arabian breed and I know that chasing my dreams will leave me nothing but a life I am more than content of living. My father always said, “If you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life.” Working with Arabian horses makes me the happiest girl in the world and that’s how I know I will live a blissful life. 

The Arabian horse is important to me for a million reasons, my favorite one being the fact that I have found a home within the industry. As any kid growing up, a common wish amongst parents is for their child to find something they love and want to invest their time in. School sports never interested me much and I was never patient enough to take the time to learn an instrument. I’ve always had a hard time making new friends and feeling like the odd one out of the group is a situation I’ve grown accustomed to. But not with the Arabian horse. This industry gives me an environment that I fit into. A place where I can showcase my skills in front of people who understand the love for a horse and acknowledge your abilities. I can’t dribble a ball or shoot hoops but I can show the hell out of a horse. They are my home away from home when no one else can relate. They are my saving grace when life decides to throw a curve ball at me. Arabian horses are the consistency in a world where everything else feels questionable. Cliché? Maybe, but it is most certainly true. No matter how dim the clouds may seem, the Arabian horse has always been my light at the end of the tunnel. In the Arabian horse industry, I have a sense of belonging. I know I am right where I want/need to be. I am by no means old nor wise, but I do know that life is a precious thing and happiness is not always easy to find. So hold onto the simple joys in life and anything that makes you wildly excited to be alive, that’s why I will forever hold onto the best thing that has ever happened to me, the Arabian horse.

 ~ by Kaylee Markonich


Region 5 Youth Meet and Greet Pumpkin Carving Party!

horse pumpkin
All youth and families are invited to N Joy Arabians October 15, 2017 from 2pm to 5pm for a FREE Pumpkin Carving Party. This is a fun event were we can get to know everyone in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested in attending please contact Alicia at akegley21@gmail.com so we can get an accurate headcount. 
If you cannot make this event, we will be planning another fun event in either November or early December in the North Sound as well as working on something for Eastern WA.

2017 Region 5 Trail Ride and Weekend Campout

September 29 - October 1

Spend a weekend camping and trail riding with your horse at the Washington State Horse Park located in Cle Elum, Washington. This is a fun, scenic, opportunity to enjoy your horse and beautiful Eastern Washington in the early Fall.

Click here to view/download schedule and fees.




2016 PRAHA Scholarship Winner - Morgan Danika Overstreet

Her PRAHA Youth Scholarship Program Application:

My name is Morgan Danika Overstreet and I have been riding horses since I was 6 years old. As I am currently 15, that means I have spent more than half my life dedicating myself to my involvement as an equestrian and their industry. I have spent most of my equine career involved with Arabian Horses. Through AHA I found that not only was this breed graceful and versatile, but so were their owners. I learned how I can help to empower others through horses and improved upon my ability to lead people through something I am passionate about.

As for my involvement with AHA this year I am the current Region 5 Youth Co-Director. I put a lot of time into this position both before and during my term. Alongside with being a Director I was a member of the Region 5 National Judging Team where I competed at nationals and received 6th in the performance section.

I am an involved member with PRAHA and have helped out at several shows, a task I greatly enjoy. When it comes to local clubs I am very involved with my High Schools Key Club, a club structured around community service and bettering the lives of others. Through Key Club I have greatly grown as a leader and public speaker, I have served on the officer board this past year as the clubs Bulletin Editor. I also am a Microsoft Student Ambassador in which I help to empower the youth in my community through technology.

As an ambassador I have been participating in many activities such as an elementary outreach program in which we teach coding to elementary schoolers. I am also a member of my schools Girls Honor Club.

Through these clubs I have had the ability to participate in many different community service events. Such events include working with NW Harvest, an organization that packages food and sends it to different Food Banks around Kent. I was also an active volunteer at Aegis, an assisted living home for those who have Dementia. I have done several other forms of community service throughout my High School years, especially in the horse world.

Last year I attended most every Region 5 show and volunteered my time to help make things run as smoothly as I could for those who were running it. I also recently attended the Scottsdale Arabian Horseshow and volunteered at the AHYA Booth for 8 hours. I have a great passion for volunteering and I hope in the future to be able to help others globally.

A personal story of mine that I cherish greatly is what led me to starting up horseback riding lessons when I was little. My parents decided to write on 3 empty Gatorade bottles one of the following activities, “swimming, horseback riding, dance.” They then covered up these labels with tape so I couldn’t tell which bottle was labeled with what activity. After each time I completed a chore I got to put 1 M&M in the bottle of my choosing, at the end of the month we would see which bottle had the most M&M’s and the activity the bottle was labeled with was the activity I was to take up. I being a rebellious little child snuck into the kitchen one night and checked to see which bottle was labeled, “horseback riding.” I then made sure this was the bottle with the most M&M’s, and so my carrier as an equestrian begins!

My GPA my 9th grade year was a 4.0 and as of this past semester my GPA is a 3.944. As of right now my primary interests are in International Business Management, Equine Business Management or Equine Science. I also find great interest in Marine Biology and things related to Animals. I do not have a specific school as of right now to be attended, but it has been a goal of mine for a while now to attend Stanford. If I win this scholarship I will apply it to furthering my education in both the equine and outside industries.

Thank you for considering me for this scholarship,
Morgan Danika Overstreet


2016 PRAHA Youth Scholarship winner: Morgan Danika Overstreet



OPAC Youth Awards Flyer 2017

 OPAC Youth Awards Links:

Click here to view/download Press Release form

Click here to view/download Award Rules and Application form

Click here to view/download Sponsorship form

2016 Rider Profiles: Canadian and Youth Nationals

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my request regarding rider profiles for Youth Nationals and Canadian Nationals.

This year Youth Nationals moved back to Oklahoma City. …after being held in Albuquerque for several years.  I think the change in venue had an effect as the Pacific North West did not have a large presence at the show…however, I expect that more of our trainers and youth will attend the show next year. 

Along with showing horses, Youth Nationals offers several other activities for kids. One of the AHYA Youth Annual Meetings takes place at the show.  At this meeting the AHYA board for the following year is elected. I want to congratulate our own Danika Overstreet on being elected AHYA Youth Secretary. 

The show also offers a Golf Cart Parade- which is always a lot of fun…this year’s theme was Going for the Gold as it was an Olympic Year.  I am proud to announce that Region 5 Youths and Parents created the winning golf cart design.  Be on the lookout at all of our local shows for the banner that outlines these accomplishments.  Now on to our profiles from Youth Nationals.

Rider Profiles for Youth Nationals

  • Grace Hertz
  • Bianca Massman
  • Mia Tobeck
  • Erica Silbernagel and Jeanne Miller
  • Ava Rasmussen


Grace Hertz

Grace Hertz

Grace showed her horse TF Still Smokin’ in the HA Country JTR select & JOTR 14-18.   When asked about her horse she said “ He is a thrill to ride! He makes me work for it but when we both work well together, it is so much fun.”  Youth Nationals was her first Nationals.

When asked about her experience she said “Even though my classes didn't exactly go as planned I still had so much fun and I think that says a lot about the show! I really liked the atmosphere of the whole show. I'm so excited to go back next year!”  She also plans to start showing her horse in Show Hack in 2017.



Bianca Massman

Bianca Massman

Bianca shows her horses Cracker Jax PF,  GR Laureyn Bacall and Celebrity Cyting FBF.  She showed in Hunter Seat Equitation, Walk Trot and Hunter Pleasure Walk Trot.  When asked about her horses she said they are great ponies, super pretty and knows they know who their people are. Bianca thought that Nationals was Super Fun and she loved how there was always something going on.  

When asked about her highlights she said “Being able to watch and try out so many amazing horses”  Regarding next year she said her goals are to have an even stronger relationship with her horse and to work on patterns. Outside of horses she loves photography.


Mia Tobeck

Mia Tobeck

At this year’s Youth Nationals Mia showed her two horses Khross My Heart and Battman. She showed Khross My Heart in purebred Western JOTR 14-18 and purebred Western JTR select.  Then she showed Battman in Half-Arabian Country JOTR 14-18 and JTR select. When asked about her horses she said Khross My Heart (Maya) is a very sweet and honest mare who loves her job. She also loves to take naps with me between classes. Battman, is also very sweet once he gets to know you and loves to be in the show ring. His favorite thing to do after shows is to go on trail rides around the farm. They both get very excited to see me and go to work when I get to the barn everyday.

This year was Mia’s 9th and final Youth Nationals. She enjoyed going to the new facility in Oklahoma City and being able to experience new places. Some of her highlights of this show were going top ten with Maya in two competitive Western classes, and having some fun classes with Battman and seeing how far he has come since the beginning of this year.

I also enjoyed spending time and learning from two of my biggest supporters and mentors, Greg Harris and Dani Stock. As my youth career comes to a close, I look forward to continuing to show as an amateur as I finish my education, then start training and showing as an open rider. I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who has helped me become the person and rider I am today, Mom, Mike, Mckenzie, Greg, Dani and many more, I can't thank you guys enough!



Erica Silbernagel

Erica Silbernagel and Jeanne Miller

While Erica lives in Oregon she showed her Aunts…Jeanne Miller from Auburn WA  home bred mare DM Geez Louise++.  Erica showed Louise to a Reserve National Champion in HA Ladies Side Saddle English JOTR and a Top Ten in HA Hunter Pleasure JTR Select 18 & under.

When we asked Jeanne about Louise she said that she has always been the sweetest horse from the day she was born. She is very gentle and can be ridden by anyone because she is very safe. She is funny because she has done walk-trot and takes very good care of her little kid, but then when she is shown in amateur divisions she needs a much stronger rider to have her looking her best, as she is anything but easy. She is very sure-footed, making her the ultimate trail horse, which she loves.

When Erica first rode her sidesaddle, about 2 years ago, no one thought it would work, but she ended up being really good. She always takes her canters perfectly without even needing a whip, which is strange since she needs a lot of leg when riding her. Louise's beauty and elegance are what, I think, make her ideal for sidesaddle.

According to Erica this was only my second nationals, but I really liked the atmosphere this year. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive of each other. My highlights were being National Champion in HA Country Pleasure JOTR 14-18 for the second year in a row, and Top Ten in HA Saddle seat Equitation 14-18 with DM Fireproof+++// and winning Reserve National Champion with DM Geez Louise++ in HA Ladies Side Saddle English JOTR. I was so shocked because this was my last class of the show and I was just glad that I had a good ride! Having my family breed these horses, I was very proud to have been able to show them both to national titles. I'm not sure what my plans are for next year with horse shows since I will be starting my first year of college at Oregon State University, but I hope I will at least get to go to some, whether I'm showing or not.




Ava Rasmussen

Ava Rasmussen

Ava showed two horses at Youth Nationals PA LaColline and Miss Spectacular.  She showed PA LaColline in Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR 13 and Under and Miss Spectacular in Half Arabian Country English Pleasure JTR Select and the 13 and Under JOTR.

When asked about her horses she said PA LaColline is a purebred grey Arabian mare, Miss Spectacular is a Chestnut HA mare.  I love both of these mares, they are friendly, pretty and have tons of personality!

This was Ava’s second Youth Nationals - last year I won the purebred Western Seat EQ Walk/Jog on PA LaColline.  Both years have been amazing, I love that I get to meet so many kids from other parts of the country that share the same love of horses that I do!

Ava said that she started showing at 3 in Lead-Line and has now graduated to my first year in 13 and under….it is a lot more fun to get to canter/lope!  I liked Nationals this year in Oklahoma City as my mom and I were able to visit the Oklahoma Memorial site which was both sad and awe-inspiring. The highlight was winning a second National title on PA LaColline!  My plans for next year are to show both horses at Scottsdale, Region 7 and Youth Nationals, in addition I will get to show my horse Gold Rush PGA +/ at Region 4 and 5.

Outside of my horses, I play soccer and participate in Ballet where I passed the Royal Academy of Ballet dance exam with Merit this year and will be starting to dance on Pointe this fall.




Rider Profiles for Canadian Nationals

  • Natalie Alves
  • Weston Sage
  • Marin McKee


Natalie Alves

Natalie Alves

Natalie joined Region 5 several months ago and is a member of the Daffodil Club.  Her profile covers her experiences at Youth Nationals as well as Canadian Nationals.

Natalie shows Shake It Up Baby+// (A.K.A. Stella).  At Youth Nationals she showed in Half Arabian Show Hack and Side Saddle JTR and JOTR.  Then at Canadian Nationals she showed in Half Arabian English Show hack JTR, Half Arabian English Sidesaddle ATR/Open and Half Arabian Country Pleasure JOTR/JTR.

When asked to describe her horse she said; Stella is a very charismatic and sensitive mare. Her personality outshines her talent and athleticism, which are also incredible qualities that she possesses. I fell in love with Stella the moment I saw her in her stall when she looked at me with her huge eyes! We have been on this journey together for, what will be, 6 years. She has overcome seemingly impossible challenges and has the biggest heart and “most try” I have ever seen in a horse.
Natalie has competed in 8 National competitions. When asked about Youth Nationals Nathalie said “This will be my 7th National show, but my 2nd time at Youth Nationals. Now that I know what the Youth National experience is like, I want to make the most of my last year as a junior competitor both in and out of the show ring. I look forward to getting back in the National arena with my partner Stella, but especially this year since the show has been moved to Oklahoma City. Being able to experience the new location before my Youth years are over is very exciting!  Regarding Canadian Nationals she looks forward to it because it is one of my favorite shows every year and also because it will be my last show as a youth competitor. I have competed at Canadian Nationals many times but this year will be special, especially after just finishing such a successful Youth Nationals.

According to Nathalie…. the 2016 Youth National Championships was an incredibly exciting experience with some of the best horses in the Arabian circuit in attendance. The highlights of my show were making all of my eliminations and Top Ten in the 4 classes that I entered. I had amazing rides for all of my classes and Stella really stepped up to the challenge! I am so proud of my horse and our accomplishments at the show.
Then for Canadian Nationals she said “Stella and I had an incredible show at the 2016 Canadian National Championships. We won the JTR Show hack for the second year in a row and made Top Ten in our 4 other classes placing 3rd in 2 of them! One of my highlights was competing in the high-powered Country English Pleasure classes especially since I haven't competed in Country for a year.”

When we asked Natalie what she does outside of the horses she said “I have completed my first year of Graphic and Digital Design at the University of the Fraser Valley and have begun working professionally in the design world both in and out of the equestrian community. Combining my passions of design, photography, art and the Arabian horse is an exciting new journey that I have begun. As for the future with my horses, I look forward to a new chapter with my family’s 3 year old Black Daniels mare, AFA Bailey Daniels, as well as the possibility of breeding Stella.

I would like to thank my parents for their endless support, Brenda Driediger, my trainer, for her guidance and wisdom and Jonathan Ramsay and Stachowski Farms, Inc. for the opportunity to stable with and learn from them at Youth Nationals.





Weston Sage

Weston Sage

Weston shows a chestnut gelding by the name of Wiley Quixote PGA /.  He describes Wiley as a sweet little pocket pony.   He competed with Wiley in Horsemanship, Showmanship and Reining.

This year’s Canadian Nationals was Weston’s first Nationals Show.  When asked what he was looking forward to he said Competing and hanging out with my friends. Looking forward to swimming in the hotel pool. I also want to ride my horse around the showgrounds bareback. Weston and Wiley had a good show taking home Top Ten in Reining and Horsemanship.

Outside of horses, Weston likes to play video games and help around our mini farm, where they also have cows and pigs.





Marin McKee

Marin McKee

Marin showed Jessee James +/ at this years Canadian Nationals in Walk/Jog Western Pleasure and Equitation 10 and under.  This was her very first Nationals.   When we asked Marin about her experience this is what she had to say “I had an amazing experience at Canadian Nationals.  I was given the opportunity to come ride for my last year in 10 & under.  Unfortunately when we arrived the horse I was supposed to ride became unavailable.  Lisa Garrison (owner of Jessee James) kindly volunteered him for me to show in my classes.  I rode him one time prior to the class and not only went National Champion in the Pleasure but also the Equitation.  I couldn't believe it!

A huge thank you to all who worked together to make my dream come true.”

 Thank you again to all who sent me your bios for the rider profiles.

    ~ Michelle Pease-Paulsen

Valerie LangRider Profiles From Region 5 Championship Show and Off Site Sport Horse Championship Show

Thank you too everyone who responded to my “Who’s Going to Regionals” request. ~ Michelle Pease-Paulsen


Click here to view their profiles and photos!



Total Arabian Interaction and Learning Program (T.A.I.L.) for Children & Families

Tours at Region 5 Championship Show will be available on Thursday, July 7, Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9 at Noon.
TO Tours at Region 5 Championship Show will be available on Thursday, July 6, Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8 at Noon.


The T.A.I.L program offered at the Region 5 Championship Show gives adults and children of all ages the opportunity to learn more about the Arabian breed from educated volunteers. The tour will aim to encourage people to enjoy the breed and create a welcoming experience at the show.

By participating in the T.A.I.L. Program, participants will first be greeted by a friendly T.A.I.L. guide. Then, participants will receive a “T.A.I.L.” bag filled with information about T.A.I.L. and Arabian horses. The bags will also include coloring pages, parts of the horse sheets, and various other educational material. Everyone will have a chance to watch the show, see the behind the scenes action at friendly barns, and even get to meet a friendly Arabian horse or two!

Tours at Region 5 Championship Show will be available on Thursday, July 7, Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9 at Noon. The show takes place at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds at the Equestrian Park (14405 179th AVE SE, Monroe, WA).  The T.A.I.L tour station will be at the Equestrian Park Entrance adjacent to the information booth.

T.A.I.L. is designed to introduce new-comers to the Arabian horse in a comfortable and backstage setting. Families, youth groups, 4-H & FFA groups, Girl/Boy Scouts, and day campers are welcome to contact Region 5 to make a reservation for a TAIL tour at the Championship Show.  

Along with the T.A.I.L. program the Championship Show is FREE and open to the public.  Arabian Horses are known for their athleticism, strength and diversity and will showcase these abilities at the Regional event.  From Trail, Reining, Western to English, Halter and Native Costume plus much more, we invite residents of Monroe and surrounding areas to come out and see these great athletes in action.

Class sessions begin respectively at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.

We hope to see you there!



Region 5 Board of Directors Meeting

May 22, 2016

Time: 12:30

Location: Quality Inn Ellensburg
1700 S. Canyon Road, Ellensburg, WA, 98926, US
509 925-9800

Food: There will be water in the meeting room at the hotel.  However if you desire lunch you can go to Smokeys BBQ next to the hotel and order lunch and bring it into the meeting room. 
Here is the link to Smokeys BBQ…their menu is on their website.  www.smokeysbarbque.com

Meeting Agenda:

I.    Call to order: Michelle Pease Paulsen

II.    Reading and approval of minutes:
      a.    January 2016 meeting: Julie Karnath

III.    Treasurer’s Report: Bonny Braden

IV.    President’s Report: Michelle Pease-Paulsen
      a.    Marketing Plan – Update on what has been accomplished in the first quarter of 2016
      b.    Budget – Review and Approval

V.    Vice-President’s Report: Joan Palelek

VI.   Committee Reports:
      a.    2015 Region 5 Championship Show: Michelle Pease Paulsen, Ian Sage/Show Committee
      b.    2015 Region 5 Sporthorse Show
      c.    2015 Cascade Youth Benefit Show:
             i.    Update on the 2016 Show
             ii.    Plans for 2017
      d.    Futurities: Deb Witty
      e.    Competitive Trail: Contact Person
      f.    Trail Ride: Tague
      i.    September 9-11
      g.    Sport Horse Committee: Darci Bell

VII.    Other Items
      a.    Mini Convention and Region 5 Year End Awards
            i.    Updates on 2017 event
            ii.    Addition of new catigories
      b.    High Point Awards at Open and 4-H Shows: Darci Bell
            i.    Summary of Awards
            ii.    Budget
      c.    Youth Activities: Kari Amundson
            i.    Judging Team
                  1.    Plans 2016
                  2.    Budget
            ii.    Cascade Youth Show
            iii.    Fundraising
      d.    Tail Tours
      e.    Mentoring Program - Richard

VIII.    Club Reports –any items not covered in the marketing plan
      a.    Daffodil
      b.    AHC of Central Washington
      c.    Northwest Washington
      d.    AHC of Southwest Washington
      e.    Pacific Rim Arabian Horse Club
      f.    Olympic Peninsula Arabian Club
      g.    Half Arabian Club of Washington
      h.    Southwest Washington Arabian Horse club
       i.    Inland Empire
       j.    North Cascades
       k.    Versatile Arabian Horse Club

IX.    Old Business

X.    New Business

XI.    Announcements

XII.    Date & location of next meeting




A Horseman’s Tale and Lover of the Arabian Breed

By: Michelle Pease-Paulson

Ted and Margaret Friesz with gai parada10Ted and Margaret Friesz have been married for over 50 years.  They have a beautiful farm in Ethel, Wash., and at the young age of 80 they are still breeding.  I had the pleasure of meeting with them a few weeks ago.  I got to tour their farm, meet the babies and sit down and talk about their involvement with the Arabian horse and also find out about Ted’s cross country adventures on horseback more than 50 years ago. 

Let’s start with Ted.  In 1964, he was 28 and living with his folks in Tacoma, Wash.  The idea came to him to ride his horse Duke from the Seattle World’s Fair to the World’s Fair in New York.  When he first spoke of this plan many discounted it and said that he wouldn't even make it to White Pass.  Ted started on this adventure with his friend Leonard Ott.  Ted explained that the two of them started with their horses and pack horses.  But shortly into the trip iin Jerome, Idaho, Ted and Leonard decided that the pack horses were slowing them down. So they rolled up their belongings and strapped them to the front and back of the saddle and went on their way. 

To help finance the trip, Ted said that his mother would send him $100 a month to general delivery in one of the cities that he would be reaching soon. Most of that money went toward food for the horses.   Ted recalls that by the end of the trip he owed his mom nearly $1,800.  As money ran low, the two men would find work.  For example, Ted drove a dump truck in Wyoming and paved roads in Nebraska.  When a snow storm hit in Iowa, Ted and Leonard joined a traveling circus for three months.  Ted and Leonard worked the horses, and Ted tells the story that this circus had the world’s (at the time) largest and smallest horse.  The two horses were in an act together.  The 19H Clydesdale would come out to center ring, and he had a platform on top of its saddle, the 19 inch pony would come out in a cart pulled by a great Dane, walk up a ramp and step onto the platform that was on the Clydesdale’s back--not to worry, the pony had safety cables on! I can only imagine what a show that was.  

Ted also recalls a time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the state bank was doing a promotion for silver dollars. They hired Ted and Leonard to do a mock holdup.  I know the photo is a bit dark but you can see Ted with his horse Duke and his gun. Ted and Leonard were both paid 50 silver dollars for this job.  Ted recalls that the bank sold 5,000 silver dollars in 30 minutes that day.

Ted Friesz reaching goal NY worlds fairOne can only imagine the adventures you come across traveling cross country at that time.  Ted recalls that they were stopped by the campaign manager for Lyndon Johnson in Wyoming.  He wanted them to wear vests that said LBJ ALL THE WAY.  However, a few days after this request came in the campaign manager found them and had to rescind the offer as staff were afraid they would not complete the trek across country. I bet that campaign manager was upset when Ted completed his travels.
Flipping through Ted’s scrapbook I came across a ticket.  The Chicago Heights Police Department gave Ted a traffic Violation for having Duke tied to a parking meter.  He said they did not fine him in the end; they just gave him a warning.  The funniest part was where it said “License Plate” on the ticket they wrote in "Horse".  
The only portion of the trip that Ted did not ride was when they were crossing the Verrazano Bridge in New York.  He was in Staten Island and the Ferry workers were on strike so a permit to cross the bridge was not feasible. Ted had to contact a friend and Duke was trailered over the Verrazano Bridge.  
During this cross country adventure Ted and Duke were treated like celebrities in almost every small town along the way.  The local papers would cover their progress.  Local horse clubs would come out and ride with them for a few hours.  They also had police escorts into towns.  Local restaurants and families would open their doors to offer a warm hot meal.  In Grayslake, Ill., Ted’s counterpart met a wonderful woman working as an aid for an elderly couple.  It was love at first sight and they were married.  Leonard stayed behind with his new wife and Ted took the rest of the journey by himself. 

Once Ted made it to the World’s Fair in Flushing, NY, he stayed at the Montana Pavilion as Washington did not have a pavilion.  They put him up for more than a month.  He slept in a Pullman car and took care of the animals.  Duke had a corral and was fine.   While in NY, Ted’s dad wanted a new truck, he wired him the money and he bought a 1965 Chevy.  When Ted decided it was time to make his trip home, he used lumber and carpet that was on hand at the Fairgrounds and built a stall with a manger in the back of that Chevy pickup.  He had to back-up to a hill side to get the bed of the truck level so Duke could get loaded in.  Ted said he drove from NY to Boise, Idaho,  and laid over for a few nights then made the rest of the trip home in a straight shot with Duke in back of the pickup.  What a great horse.

Ted also had some interesting facts about Duke.  Duke was an ex “pony” horse for the race track.  He paid $150 for him.  It took Duke 600 miles to finally walk.  During the nearly 3,000 mile journey they went through five pairs of shoes.  Ted said they would have probably made it on three if the farrier would have made the first two sets as requested with Tungsten Carbide on the heels and toes. 

Ted Friesz in action as rodeo clownA little history of Ted. He is a true cowboy. He was part of the Parkland Roundups and was a bull hazer.  Check out the photo of Ted in his outfit and another where you can see him behind the bull.  He said in those days there was no protective gear and no barrels to hide in.  He was also an active gamer, see the photo of Ted doing pole bending. Ted said that his specialty was the flag race. 

As I said in the beginning, Ted and Margaret have been married for over 50 Years and Margaret has been very active in the Region 5 Arabian horse industry.  When I asked Margaret how she got into horses, specifically Arabians, she told me this story:  She was in 10th grade and at the Fort Lewis stables.  She saw this amazing grey horse, it was a Half Arabian.  She recalls its beautiful tail carriage and how sparks flew as he trotted on the gravel.  She asked the man if she could ride the horse and he said little girl you can not handle this horse.  Well, she hopped on and proved him wrong.  After that ride she bought him.

Then, in 1962, she bought her first purebred Arabian named Bruk Abi who she showed for many years.  Then in 1965, she bought her first mare Shuroa.  Shuroa was an amazing horse- winning titles in Costume, Side Saddle, English, Western, Halter and most classic head.  Those were the days when our Arabians did it all.  Then in the early 90’s she stood the amazing stallion Gai Parada.  She also stood Gai Argosy and Gai Seance.  She tells the story of how Gai Seance loved grape fruit. He would eat it whole, peel and all. 

Margaret Friesz and Shuroa in Native CostumeMargaret has been a long-time Daffodil member.  She and her family worked many hours on the Daffodil Show.  Ted worked for a gravel company and they would donate rock and sand to the unit to prepare the grounds for the show. His brother Dutch had a painting company and they would repaint the arena prior to each Daffodil show to ensure things looks spectacular for the exhibitors.  Ted mentioned that in 1981 the Tacoma Unit gave him a lifetime membership in honor of all of the work that they had done to the facility.  Margaret also told me that before the Daffodil Club was in existence it was called the Washington State Arabian Horse Club and they would have “play” days at Wood Brook.  Those “play” days eventually turned into official horse shows.

Ted and Margaret are still actively breeding.  They had four babies this year. They bred to Marekk and Odyssey SC.  They will breed these mares back in 2016.  Their energy amazes me.  They have been actively breeding and selling horses over the past 23 years.  Many of their sales are international--locations such as South Africa, France, Italy, Germany, England, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It has been many years since they last showed.  Margaret’s motto is “Sell the horses before they have to be shown.”  From what I saw during my time at their farm, they have been very successful at doing this. 

I want to thank Ted and Margaret for taking the time to reminisce about the past and talk about their continued involvement with Region 5 with me. They both have an amazing story and I am honored to be able to share it with everyone.


Scottsdale 2016 Was a Success for Region 5

by Michelle Pease-Paulson

Region 5 was well represented at the 2016 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.  Many of our farms were present, such as Silver Aspen Ranch, RO Lervick Arabian, Coppel Show Horses, Jeff Lee & Company, Whelihan Show Horses, Rasmussen Training and Eagle Mountain Ranch.  From the results posted to social media the Pacific Northwest came home with over 12 champions, 20 reserve champions and 100 Top Tens.

We took some time to talk with some of our local riders to see what they like about the Scottsdale Show and what they look forward to this show season. 

First up is junior rider Alyssa Webster who is the granddaughter of Dale and Wynonna Worthington.  This was Alyssa first time showing at Scottsdale.  Alyssa said she was entered in the show last year but broke her arm in January and had to sit it out. At this years show she showed  her horse Dana Jiselle in Arabian Hunter Pleasure and Hunt Seat Eq 14 and under. She brought home several ribbons including two top tens.  When asked what she likes about the Scottsdale Show she said, "I liked hanging out with my friends that I don't get to see very often and showing in large classes." As for the rest of the year she is looking forward to a really competitive season in the 14 and under and helping to train a couple of young horses with her grandpa. 

Alyssa Webster

Alyssa Webster


From Eagle Mountain we have Anna Erickson and Holly Miller.  Holly is showing her horse Tuck My Bucks, aka Tucker, in in Western Pleasure and Western Dressage. This year was Holly’s first time attending Scottsdale. Holly came home with a 3rd in Western Dressage and 4th in the 55 and over western pleasure. Holly said, “It was such an honor to participate in a show of that size with the highest quality of horses from around the world.” She was thrilled to be able to enjoy her horses and ride her ride. Regarding her goals for the year she said, “Just stay on and enjoy the ride.” She hopes that each time out she can put forth her best ride possible.

Holly Miller

Holly Miller


Anna Erickson competed in purebred country pleasure with her horse Jokerz Wild and Half Arabian Country Pleasure with A Stroke of Genius.  Anna brought home two top tens with A Stroke of Genius. This was Anna’s second time attending the show but her first time showing. When asked about her experience at the show she said, “My experience was interesting. I was allowed (and enjoyed) driving the golf cart. I took Elvis, who had never shown before at a show larger that Region 5, and placed extremely well with him. I couldn’t show my horse, Joker, in his last classes because he had scratches and I almost died of the heat. I also really enjoyed the support of my barn and the spectators that kept me going when I was about to collapse of exhaustion. One of my absolute favorite moments was when Elvis got his first Top Ten in the Half-Arabian Country English Pleasure JTR 13 & under. I found it funny when in the main arena, there would always be these little kids who would go all wide-eyed whenever a horse walked by them. Overall, I had a fantastic show and would love to do it again!” Regarding her goals for the year she said, “My main goal is to bring both Elvis and Joker to Youth Nationals. Last year Youth was a blast with Joker, and I just really want to experience what it’ll be like at Tulsa. I really just want to have fun and improve my riding skills. Sure it would be nice to get a ribbon or two, but I really just want to make this a positive year for my horses.

Anna Erickson

Anna Erickson


Deborah Haug from Whelihan Show Horses brought three horses to the show.  Her first horse Showgirl SKF is a "pretty chestnut mare” as describes by Deborah.  Then she has Jumping Jack Flash BF, a tall handsome Half Arabian Chestnut Gelding, and Blazn Star, a dark bay athletic gelding.  Deborah has shown at the Scottsdale show for roughly 10 years.  She said that Jumping Jack Flash has been Champion two consecutive years and reserve champion last year. When asked what Deborah looks forward to she said, "Showing her wonderful horses hopefully to their full potential."  As a returning competitor Deborah said it is nice to get to the warmer climes but more importantly to see the horse lineup potential for US Nationals.  She also hopes to bring the offspring from the Scion Arabian Breeding program to the show.  As the show season progresses Deborah looks forward to showing her horses to her personal best and bringing her junior horse, High Spirits, out this year. Deborah had a great Scottsdale brining in some solid ribbons in the early classes then wrapping up with 4 Top Tens.

Deborah Haug

Deborah Haug


Betty Radtke brought her wonderful stallion, NYN Hisani, to the Scottsdale along with her junior western horse Hsophia Al Hisani KF. Betty said, “We came home with 4 Top Tens! Hisani was Top Ten in Amateur Halter, Western Sidesaddle and Western Pleasure AATR Choice. Hsophia was Top Ten in AATR Select Rider 19-39. She was actually 3rd on the cards. Brie and I are amateurs doing this on our own without trainer and Scottsdale is a huge, very competitive show. We are thrilled with our results. The weather was perfect - hotter than normal but not complaining. We hope to go to a few class A shows in the NW and attend Region 4 & 5. Results at those shows will dictate further plans.”

Betty Radtke

Betty Radtke


Brienne Neace

Brienne Neace


Lastly we have Emily Patton who rides with Crystal Baker from Cedar Hill. Emily’s horse is out with an injury, so Crystal and Mike let her ride their amazing stallion Jamaal Khan. This was Emily’s first time showing at the Scottsdale Show. When asked what she liked about the show she said, “it is the biggest showground's I have ever seen and I loved all of the exhibits and shopping. I was nervous at first but was happy to see how laid back the environment was. It was easy to relax in her classes.” When asked if she would recommend the show to others she said, “Yes, Scottsdale is a very good learning experience and I would recommend to everyone to show there at some point in their career. If you can not show, you should go to experience it.” We wish Emily the best and hope her horse makes it back into the show ring this year.

Emily Patton

Emily Patton


I want to thank the above riders that reach out to my "Who's Going To Scottsdale" request for a chance to be profiled. It was so nice to talk to everyone and tell about of your story. I also have to give a BIG shout out to Coral Link for taking such amazing photography. We are lucky to have Coral as part of the Region 5 Family.

As we approach Regionals, Youth, Sport Horse, Canadian and US Nationals, I want to profile a few more youth and amateurs.  So please send me your name, horses name, classes you will be showing in. I also want to know if these shows are your first or if you have been attending for years; also what do you like about the show as what you look forward to.

Thank you and congratulations again to all!

2015 PRAHA Youth Scholarship Program Winner

Rhianna - praha youth scholarship winner

Region 5 would like to congratulate Rhianna Anderson the 2015 PRAHA Youth Scholarship Program winner. Rhianna is seventeen and will start Pierce Community College in Puyallup this September. She will be using her scholarship to help with her tuition and books.
To qualify for this scholarship Rhianna had to answer several questions in essay format and they were sent to and independent party for review.

The questions were---Give an account of your:

  1. Equine involvement
  2. AHA and/or local club activities
  3. Volunteer and/or public service
  4. Personal story/personal statements
  5. Major/career goal
  6. University, Com. College, Tech or Trade school to be attended.

 Here are her answers....

1. My equine involvement currently consists of me working as the intern at Opus Arabians in Graham, WA. The main horse that I ride is a purebred Arabian gelding, Flame Danzr D (JR). This past summer I took him to Youth Nationals and took Top Ten in Sport Horse Under Saddle. JR is eighteen, and he is very stubborn. He refuses to move on a daily basis, and generally makes me earn everything that I get on him.

2. Other than JR, I ride almost every horse in the barn. All this year I have been riding two green broke pure bred Arabians, and one half Arabian. Of the two pure bred 'baby' horses that I had been riding, one is a stallion, and the other one has been recently gelded. The half Arabian is a little mare. I have taken the mare and stallion to almost every show this year, but not the gelding. I won't be able to this year; In recently broke my collar bone in an accident on a horse. It will be three months before I can get back into the saddle.

3. I was the 2014 Region V Youth Secretary as well the current the Region V Youth Secretary. While I was at Youth Nationals I attended both the Youth Board of Directors Meeting, and the Youth Convention. I also helped 'flock' some barns and I was in the Parade of Regions. Flocking was where the AHA Youth put pink yard flamingoes into barns' decorations. A barn would pay to 'flock' another barn, and that barn would have to pay to either keep or get rid of the flamingoes. I am also a member of the Pacific Rim Arabian Horse Association. I volunteered at the PRAHA Sport Horse Show this year, as well as the Cascade Arabian Youth Benefit Show and the Pacific Rim Arabian Fall Classic. I had a lot of fun showing and volunteering at the shows.

4. I have been home schooled for about seven years. I am currently enrolled in Penn Foster online high school. My estimated graduation date is 6/21/15. I hope to attend college in the Fall of 2016. I earn money every month for the extra things that I do. I use this money to pay for my show clothes and help my family pay for my online schooling as well as anything else that I need.

5. I will continue to volunteer as well as to promote the equine mentorship program. I have been riding horses for a little over five years. I started at Opus Arabians, and I've been here the whole time. I think that I have learned a lot with Richard as my mentor.

6. If I receive this scholarship for 2015 I will put it towards my continued education and furthering my equine knowledge as well as contribute back to the equine community.
Several of the Region 5 Clubs offer Scholarship programs....make sure to check with your club to see if they offer one.

The USDF All Breeds High Score Award Program - AHA Winners!

The USDF all breeds high score award program is designed to recognize the accomplishments of specific breeds in Dressage.  Award winners are based upon the highest median score but must also meet all of the requirements and with a minimum of 8 scores from four different judges at four different shows.  Scores can be earned at both USDF recognized Arabian and Open competitions.  Champion and Reserve medals were given out at the USDF Salute Gala Awards Banquet in Vegas in December of this year.  We congratulate all of our 2015 Region V area winners!
2015 USDF All Breed Award winners, Arabian Horse Association:
Stephanie Parrish & EVG Ynyr (Pictured): Second Level Champion JR, Third Level Champion JR, Arabian.  Spokane WA.
Shana Blum & Bohemian Rhapshahdy (Pictured): Training Level Champion AA, Half-Arabian.  Enumclaw, WA.
Darsie Bell & Trade Secret CC (Pictured): Second Level Reserve Champion AA, Arabian.  Kent, WA.
Debbie Canaday & Sshaq: First Level Champion Open, AA, Vintage Cup, Arabian.  Second Level Champion Vintage Cup, Arabian.  Juneau, AK.
Tammy Bowers with TA Im Too Hsexy, Reserve Champion, 2nd level, Vintage cup, Arabian
Tara Wigmosta & Andarazja Rose: Third Level Reserve Champion, AA, Arabian.  Seattle, WA.

In addition, the following Northwest riders received their USDF Bronze medal in 2015 riding purebred Arabians:

Darsie Bell with Trade Secret CC+
Ronda Andrews with SC Merlot+/
Tara Wigmosta with Andarazja Rose+
Jennifer Bacar with OFW Ambush+/
Amanda Howell with HH Antonia++//



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GS Molly Sidesaddle

Girl Scout Clinic hosted by the Arabian Horse Club of South East Washington

It was a great day for 96 Girl Scouts who earned their merit badges by participating in Equestrian Day that was held on Saturday, October 10th at the Franklin County Saddle Club in Pasco, Washington.

Hosted by the Arabian Horse Club of South East Washington, sessions that the Girl Scouts attended in the morning included talks and demonstrations on grooming, safety, horse breeds, horse communication, horse tack and equipment, and financial aspects of owning a horse. They saw riders exhibit their horses in a variety of riding styles that included hunt seat, saddle seat, western, sidesaddle and dressage. They even saw a group of horses in a pack string do maneuvers.

During the afternoon session volunteers helped each Girl Scout lead and ride a horse. From the smiles and hugs the horses received, it was readily apparent that this was the favorite part of the day.

One girl exclaimed with joy that she was kissed by a horse!

After the clinic participants were given “goodie bags” to take home with them.

A non-profit association, the Arabian Horse Club of South East Washington (AHCSEW) is a member club of the Region 5 Arabian Horse Association that encompasses Alaska, Washington, northern Idaho, and western Montana and is an affiliate club of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA).

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