About Region 5

The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation.

The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.


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Like Us:

When we spoke to Christine she said “I have been fortunate enough to have shown both of my horses at the Region V Performance Regionals over the last few years. The Sport Horse Regionals are a new adventure for me and I am excited to have qualified with both horses. This has been quite a journey for Jullyo, Thunder and I. It really took a year of study to make it to this entry point. My trainers, Kim McLaughlin and Alberto Esquivel were willing to transition from Performance to Sport Horse with me. This was a new undertaking for us all. I studied rules, regulations, tack appointments, attire, and all things Dressage. They continued to work the horses with a Sport Horse emphasis. I participated in Dressage schooling shows and sought out anyone and everyone who would speak with me about this division.  To my surprise, I found a warm welcome and that people were willing to share their knowledge freely with me. Jackie Davenport, who has been very successful in the Sport Horse division, contributed greatly with her under-saddle and in-hand knowledge. Kim and Alberto also brought in well known Dressage trainer and coach, Stephanie Blockley-Clarke, to help with the finer Dressage points. My good friend, Laura Agne, also known as our "team coach," was my Sport Horse braiding and fashion advisor. It really does take a village.”

“Our region is known for amazing Sport Horses and riders. I'm really looking forward to competing with the region's finest riders on quality mounts at an outstanding equestrian facility. I'm also looking forward to being a spectator. There is a lot one can learn from the sideline!”

When asked about her horses Christine said “My two "boys" couldn't be any different! Jullyo is a confident, arrogant, athletic horse with an expressive eye and quirky personality. He prefers his own company to that of others. The ongoing joke at the barn is that Jullyo is much like the cute boy who you liked much more than he ever liked you. Still, he is solid and predictable and I find comfort in knowing what to expect when riding him.  After several years as a team, we understand each other well. Jullyo started his show career in Halter, getting a top 10 in Scottsdale as a yearling. I purchased him in 2010 and we first participated in Region V Western Pleasure and then in Hunter Pleasure performance classes. Studying Dressage has appealed to me on many levels (no pun intended!) and so last year we started the Sport Horse journey.  Jullyo took to Dressage right away as there is nothing he likes more than being the only horse in the arena and the center of everyone's attention.”

“Plane Temptation, aka "Thunder" was a total surprise to me when I first met him as a yearling at Eagle Mountain Ranch. He was bred by Kim McLaughlin and was born at her barn. Alberto Esquivel started him and showed him as a junior hunter. Thunder had my eye from the moment I interacted with him. It's hard to describe but I saw something special in him and I knew that I had to find a way to purchase him. Over the years, he has grown into a charismatic, athletic and willing horse. He has an intelligent mind and a brave heart. It's strange how things work out...I wasn't necessarily looking for another horse  but somehow a perfect match found me. Every time I hear him nicker at my voice, I know I made the right decision. Thunder has shown in the Region V hunter pleasure performance classes, equitation and showmanship classes. He is coming along nicely in the dressage training level, Sport Horse in-hand and Show Hack.”

Christine had a good show, taking home a Reserve Champion and Top 5 with Jullyo and a Champion, Reserve Champion and Top 5 with Plane Temptation.

“I have a busy professional life outside of horses as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) in Vascular Surgery. I am a provider at Lake Washington Vascular, a premier private vascular surgery practice on the Eastside affiliated with both Overlake and Evergreen Hospitals. The majority of my day is spent in surgery but I also have clinic hours and perform hospital rounds. I love the role of ARNP as it allows me to combine sound medical knowledge and technical surgical skills with the kindness, caring and empathy of nursing. These skill have come in handy a time or two when it came to vet bills...something all of us horse owners know a thing or two about!”

Darsie and her teammate Trade Secret CC+, or Phil as she calls him, showed in Dressage Second Level ATR, Dressage Third Level ATR and Sport Horse Show Hack. 

When describing Phil she said “He is usually the smallest horse at the show (he even has his Dressage pony card), and everything about him is odd.”  Phil and Darsie make a great Team. They were Champion in the ATR Third Level and Reserve Champion in the Region 4 (off site) third level. 

Outside of horses Darsie owns 1985 Fiat Spider Pininfarina Azzura “I restored and take to car shows.  One of only a few hundred built.  It was my childhood dream car!”

When we spoke to Jessica she said “This is my first Regionals! Region 5 has so many awesome horses; I feel honored and excited to be able to compete with them at this level. I'm looking forward to seeing how my horse stacks up against the best horses in the region. I'm also excited to compete in Western Dressage for the first time. My goal is to come home with a couple Top 5's.”  Her horses name is Amber and she is a 2003 purebred chestnut Arabian mare…she bought her two years ago from a client of Talisman Training Center. 

According to Jessica “she hadn't really been a show horse before, so I decided to make it a learning experience for both of us and start riding Dressage which was new to both of us. It has been a huge learning experience and helped us grow as a team tremendously. Together, we've shown in Halter, Showmanship, Hunt Seat, Sporthorse In-Hand, and Dressage. This will be our first time dabbling in Western Dressage.” 

At the show they shown in Arabian Sport horse Mares In-Hand Hunter Type ATH/Open and Dressage Intro Level ATR. They shown at the Celebration in Dressage Training Level AATR and Western Dressage Intro Level ATR. Jessica came home with one Regional Champion, One Reserve Champion and one Top 5.  

Outside of horses Jessica is a full-time student at the University of Washington. She is a graduating senior studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health, and she is a member of the UW Equestrian Team. “I also like to golf...I've even gotten a hole-in-one before!”

Crystal is from Yelm Washington and has been riding with Joyce Thomas of N Joy Arabians for 20 years. Crystal said “I showed a gelding of hers, LA Thunder Bey to a Region 5 Top 5 2010 training level ATR and a Top 10 training level ATR at Sport Horse Nationals 2012.  Promptly after that I became pregnant with my first child, a boy. I took not only a timeout off the show ring but off the saddle for nearly 4 year as I had my daughter right after my son (21 months apart and pure craziness). I was just enjoying being a stay at home mom. But definitely missed a huge part of my heart which was riding and showing.

With my kids now a bit older I was able to get time away and ride a couple days a week at the barn. Joyce paired me with RA Kilohana and I fell in love with him. She asked if I was interested in showing him. Of course I was! I decided to show him at Cascade to get back in the ring with hopes to go to Regional 2017. Well, we did well. We did really well :) We won both the training level tests Open and AATR and won Adult dressage High point! It blew me away. I knew we had to go to Regional 2016 and make a bid to get to Nationals in Nampa.

I am excited to see where the year takes us as a pair. I love Sport Horse Regionals and am so excited to get back in the Dressage courts at Donida.”  Crystal had a great show going Reserve Champion in the Training Level AATR.  Outside of horses Crystal is vocal coach by trade but is attending school to be an Equine Sports Massage Practitioner.

Elizabeth is one of our Youth board members…she is the Youth Secretary.  Elisabeth showed her horse  MWF Adwokat in Hunt Seat Eq, Sport Horse under saddle, Sport Horse in hand, and Sport Horse Show Hack. This year was her first time at Sport Horse Regionals. 

When we spoke prior to the show, Elizabeth said “I am looking forward to being able to show at a higher level than just locally and being more confident and knowledgeable about what is going on at the Show.”  Regarding outside hobbies she likes to paint and entered one of her pieces in the Art & Photography contest the Region 5 Championship Show…She is multi-talented, her piece won a Viewers Choice Award. 

When asked about her horse she said “he is dark bay and he will turn 17 during Sport Horse Regionals. He is very playful for his age and enjoys being in the pasture with his buddies.”

Michelle shows a yearling gelding named AKA Admiracion.  This was her first ever breed specific show, she is an amateur and  AKA Admiracion is her first Arabian horse.  Michelle said “I love him and he is so smart I'm so excited for this show we will be in the ATH in-hand class Hunter and Dressage type then the Yearling Championship in-hand class.” 

She said she is looking forward to meeting people in the Arab Sport Horse community. “I chose to go the sport-horse route because it seems like an inviting environment. I have had a challenging year but he has brought me so much joy. We have been practicing since I bought him at 2 months old and no matter how he does I know I've already won just having him as my life-long friend. Plus I won a tack stall bonus! I have been documenting his journey on his Facebook page: Admirals Voyage.”

Michelle had a very successful show she was Champion in the Yearling/Colt gelding.  She also said that she was so impressed with the welcoming atmosphere of the sport horse community.

Tara showed her horse LL Carrye Oon in a variety of classes including Arabian Mares SHIH Dressage and Hunter type open/ATH, dressage training level jr horse, SHUS Hunter type jr horse, SHUS dressage type jr horse. This is not Tara’s first regionals, however it is her mares first in under saddle.  When asked what Tara looked forward to she said "hopefully attaining enough points to finishing her mares first achievement award!"  Outside of horses Tara enjoys photography. Greatest part is that her mare was free from the breeder.